Before King Ahmed of Ottoman went to war, He locked His wife (the beautiful Queen) in a Private Room and gave the key to His Best Friend Mousa and said: "If I'm not Back in four days, Open the Room and she's yours ... "

He climbed on His horse and gallops off towards the battlefield. Half an hour later,The King Noticed a cloud of dust behind him, He stopped and saw his friend galloping very fast towards him.

"What's wrong ?" Asked the King. Out of breath, his friend Mousa responded: "You gave me the wrong key"

???????????? What????

Can you imagine ????????‍??????

He didn't even wait for the said 4 days before trying the keys????????

Be careful with the one you consider Your Best "Friends" and whom you think you Can Entrust with your hard earned Treasure -They could be wishing you dead soon and hopefully inherit your God-given fortune!

Word of Advice.

Have a glorious week ahead!

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